We design and manufacture core systems that meet the highest mechanical, thermal and radio frequency (RF) criteria.

About Us 

Ultracor was founded in 1995 in Benicia, California as a spinout of YLA, Inc, a leading firm in the development and marketing of high performance prepreg systems for space and aerospace. Andrew Marshall, a pioneer in honeycomb development, and Mike Fellman developed a patented process for manufacturing superior quality carbon fiber honeycomb. This process employs a composite layup structure in order to cure the honeycomb in a single process step, producing superior quality node bonds and the most uniform structure available in any honeycomb. This structural uniformity has proven itself in improved mechanical performance, dimensional stability and electromagnetic characteristics.

Ultracor’s ability to orient extremely thin fiber plies in any direction in the web permitted the use of negative-coefficient pitch-based carbon fiber material to yield a net-zero coefficient of thermal expansion in the “L”, “W”, and “T” directions of the core material. This design enabled satellite antenna manufactures to produce reflectors of unparalleled performance. To date the highest quality satellite antennas in the world utilize Ultracor’s carbon fiber honeycomb to provide thermal dimensional stability. The company’s products are flying today in over 50 satellites.

From that beginning Ultracor has developed its heritage of engineering custom composite honeycomb from a number of prepreg materials, including quartz, Kevlar®  and fiberglass. Our customers engage us after determining that commodity type honeycombs will not perform to the requirements of an application. Working with our customers, we design and manufacture core systems that meet the highest mechanical, structural and electromagnetic criteria.

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