Carbon Honeycomb

For the next level of mechanical and thermal performance, Ultracor developed carbon fiber honeycomb. Ultracor has manufactured carbon structural honeycomb from both pitch and PAN precursor materials.

Ultracor carbon fiber honeycomb is used in advanced satellite antennas and instrument benches to achieve the thermal stability of near zero CTE.  Our carbon/epoxy honeycomb provides an unparalleled mechanical strength when compared to other materials.

Mechanical Properties at Room Temperature

  Compressive ASTM C365 Plate Shear ASTM C273
  Stabilized L Direction W Direction
Ultracor Product Code Construction Materials Strength (psi) Modulus (ksi) Strength (psi) Modulus (ksi) Strength (psi) Modulus (ksi)
UCF-208F-3/8-2.0 Pitch Fabric / Cyanate 159 16.9 142 29.9 79 13.5
UCF-278-3/8-3.5 PAN Unitape / Epoxy 865 74.0 580 51.0 289 32.3
UCF-281-3/16-15.0 Cyanate Ester 2413 130 937 246 753 110
UCF-290-1.0-2.0 PAN Fabric / Epoxy 261 10.3 256 5.2 140 3.9
UCF-304-3/8-2.0 Pitch Fabric / Cyanate 195 19.5 153 33.0 81 17.2
UCF-306-1/4-6.0 Cyanate Ester 996 70 696 136.0 478 79


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Ultracor products are designated by use of a series of letters and numbers, as follows:

UCF-304-3/8-2.0, in which:
“U” represents Ultracor Honeycomb
“CF” indicates that the material used is Carbon Fiber
“304” determines the product code number under which the details of construction are documented.
“3/8” indicates a 3/8” cell size.
“2.0” indicates a nominal density in pounds per cubic foot. (lbs/ft³)

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