Fiberglass Honeycomb

Fiberglass has excellent mechanical and dielectric performance relative to its overall cost. Ultracor fiberglass honeycomb is distinguished by its uniformity. Customers requiring fiberglass who may need a unique configuration come to Ultracor to design and build their products.

Please contact us to discuss your custom configuration requirements.

Mechanical Properties at Room Temperature

  Compressive ASTM C365 Plate Shear ASTM C273
  Stabilized L Direction W Direction
Ultracor Product Code Construction Materials Strength (psi) Modulus (ksi) Strength (psi) Modulus (ksi) Strength (psi) Modulus (ksi)
UGF-256F-1/4-4.0 Fiberglass / Phenolic 440 34.9 243 18.9 140 9.9
UGF-316F-1/4-5.0 Fiberglass / Phenolic 960 59.5 430 25.5 312 15.7


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Ultracor products are designated by use of a series of letters and numbers, as follows:

UGF-250-3/8-2.5, in which:
“U” represents Ultracor Honeycomb
“GF” indicates that the material used is Glass Fiber
“250” determines the product code number under which the details of construction are documented.
“3/8” indicates a 3/8” cell size.
“2.5” indicates a nominal density in pounds per cubic foot. (lbs/ft³)

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