Quartz Honeycomb

Thermal Properties

The Quartz Honeycomb core has a unique feature of low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE). Below are comparisons of CTE in the thickness direction of various honeycomb cores. 

Dielectric Properties

The dielectric constant and the loss tangent factor of Quartz are the most distinguished amongst all mineral fibers. Properties of UQF-105-1/4-3.0 honeycomb core test at average frequencies of 9.5 GHz:

Mechanical Properties

Ultracor manufactures a honeycomb core structure out of Astroquartz fibers and space qualified Cyanate Ester resin (UQF-105-1/4-3.0). Mechanical properties are found in the table below.

Mechanical Properties at Room Temperature

  Compressive ASTM C365 Plate Shear ASTM C273
  Stabilized L Direction W Direction
Ultracor Product Code Construction Materials Strength (psi) Modulus (ksi) Strength (psi) Modulus (ksi) Strength (psi) Modulus (ksi)
UQF-105-1/4-3.0 Astroquartz / Cyanate Ester 206 22.9 136 17.6 71 9.6
UQF-314-3/8-3.0 Astroquartz / Cyanate Ester 250 26.5 225 18.0 105 10.6

Ultracor can make Quartz honeycomb in other configurations per our customer’s requirements.


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Ultracor products are designated by use of a series of letters and numbers, as follows:

UQF-105-1/4-3.0, in which:
“U” represents Ultracor Honeycomb
“QF” indicates that the material used is Quartz Fiber
“105” determines the product code number under which the details of construction are documented.
“1/4” indicates a 1/4” cell size.
“3.0” indicates a nominal density in pounds per cubic foot. (lbs/ft³)

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