Ultraflex Honeycomb

As more and more composite structures require unique bends and curvatures, Ultracor has introduced UltraFlex. UltraFlex is available as a honeycomb core with distinctive cell geometry. UltraFlex provides similar or higher mechanical properties than comparable hexagonal cores of equivalent density.

Properties Comparison

The table below compares the mechanical properties of the UltraFlex and the hexagonal core using the same prepregged material.

Comparison of Mechanical Properties at Room Temperature

  Compressive ASTM C365 Plate Shear ASTM C273
  Stabilized L Direction W Direction
Ultracor Product Code Construction Type Strength (psi) Modulus (ksi) Strength (psi) Modulus (ksi) Strength (psi) Modulus (ksi)
UCF-204F-3/8-3.5 UltraFlex Core 616 47.6 437 50.1 233 21.0
UCF-180-3/8-3.5 Hexagonal Core 590 46.2 440 50.8 239 21.0

Note: Although the UltraFlex cell is non-symmetric, the W-shear properties showed similar results regardless of shear direction.


  • Exceptional Formability into Compound Curvatures
  • No Anticlastic or Buckling of Cell Walls in Curved Conditions
  • Equivalent Mechanicals as Hexagonal Cores
  • Cost Savings in Curved Panels


  • UltraFlex can be tailor made using practically any non-metallic web material.
  • Core densities can match existing hexagonal cores.
  • Properties Comparison

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